68% of Portuguese don’t know the benefits of 5G

For Samsung, 5G is an essential component that supports their vision of “connected life”. In this sense, the company carried out, in August, a study in partnership with IPSOS on the level of perception of Portuguese society on the new mobile network. Results released today show that although 84% of respondents have heard of the topic, more than half, or about 68% of the sample, are unaware of the benefits of 5G. High quality video calls (teleworking) (81%) and access to a seamless connection (82%) are the main needs of the Portuguese in connection with the implementation of the new mobile network.

The fifth-generation mobile will allow for higher speeds and shorter response times and everything, or almost everything, will be linked together. With 5G, the coming years will certainly bring greater relevance to subjects such as IoT or AI and Samsung has adapted its offer by launching various devices compatible with the fifth generation of the mobile network.

The study – The results

The main objective of the project, which resulted from a partnership established with IPSOS, a market research company, was to analyze the level of user perception of 5G technology in Portugal. To this end, 750 people over 18, 48% men and 52% women from all national regions, were interviewed via an online survey between August 4 and 10, 2020.

The results obtained show that in the global scenario, 84% of those questioned know or have heard of 5G and that one in ten people have equipment compatible with the fifth generation of mobile networks. However, around 68% of the selected sample does not know what the new technology is or does not recognize its characteristics, as shown in the graph below:

Among the advantages of the introduction of the new generation of mobile network, the one that stands out the most in the eyes of respondents (49%) is the download speed, followed by the improvement in the performance of their equipment. Despite this, a large percentage (70%) of participants in this study declared themselves satisfied with the current network implemented in the country (4G). On the downside, the highlight is the lack of coverage in more remote areas, with around 16% saying this is one of the main reasons for not liking 4G.

The paradigm shift regarding the type of needs in view of the current context in which we live is also noticeable when high quality and uninterrupted video (telework) calls (81%) are seen as one of the main needs of the Portuguese in as a whole, as shown in the following graph:

As for the level of satisfaction, it is considerably higher when comparing a set of parameters between users with equipment equipped with 4G and users with equipment already compatible for the 5G network.

Especially in terms of entertainment including streaming service, video quality and download speed, users of 5G equipment are much more satisfied, including the level of coverage in more remote areas or the level of access to platforms like Netflix.

The difference in performance between the current mobile network and the new generation means that 45% of respondents assume the purchase of 5G compatible equipment in the following ones, as shown in the side graph. However, only 41% take it for granted or very likely that the purchase is in this direction and this contributes to the perception of higher amounts to pay and a greater vulnerability to cyber attacks. Apart from the price (41%), a characteristic that stands out among the others, security (12%) is also the top priority for respondents when choosing a device, in addition to internal storage capacity (12%). %).

For Nuno Parreira – Director of Telecommunications at Samsung, “the discussion around 5G, in Portugal and around the world, is essential for businesses and citizens. But the debate on the beginning of this new technology, even if it is framed in a vast and complex set of investments and gatherings of common wills, cannot be dissociated from the perception which the company has of this technology and its benefits for multiple industries.

The study in question also aimed to understand where and in what situation the topic of connectivity is most important, the results obtained clearly show a paradigm shift in the face of the impact of the pandemic on Portuguese society when the climax goes teleworking, as can be seen in the graph below:

After a brief introduction to all respondents on the benefits of the fifth generation of mobile network, the perception has changed and the results obtained are illustrative of the impact that the implementation of 5G will have on society and in all sectors of activity, particularly in terms of sustainability and the creation of new opportunities. Around 39% of respondents also say that more secure systems or devices will be needed, as there will be more devices connected to each other.

Nuno Parreira concludes by stating that “In general, we have found that more than half of citizens (68%) still do not fully understand the benefits of this technology. Although 84% have heard of 5G, the truth is that their knowledge about it is still insufficient. 5G will be a prerequisite for carrying out potential short-term activities, being a key technology for the development of Industry 4.0, which will change the way we live. And in this context, Samsung is at the forefront of responding to market demands.

Satisfaction survey – Example

The study announced was carried out by IPSOS in Portugal and Spain between August 4 and 10, 2020, among citizens over 18 years old (48% men; 52% women) out of a sample of 750 national citizens .

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