A 125 W fast charge will be available in early 2021

OPPO’s 125W fast charging technology, called Flash Charge, could be available from the first quarter of 2021.

If you’ve been following the news from the smartphone world closely over the past few years, you are probably aware that manufacturers are working hard in the difficult area of ​​fast charging, where Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi seem to be ahead of everyone else. Xiaomi plans to launch a compatible smartphone with 200W fast charging in the year 2021, and with this charging capacity, the smartphone in question could fully reach its battery in just 15 minutes.

At the end of October, Xiaomi really revealed its 80W fast charging. However, this ability is pale compared to Oppo’s proposal. In fact, Oppo introduced this summer Flash Charge, a revolutionary 125W fast charging technology. This new technology is based on the SuperVOOC 65W fast charging, which launched in September 2019. With this charging capacity, a 4000mAh battery could be recharged in just 20 minutes. Unfortunately, at the time, Oppo did not give a Flash Charge release date.

However, according to information from a Chinese insider published on the social network Weibo, Flash Charge could be launched in the first quarter of 2021. Along with Flash Charge, Oppo could also market AirVOOC, its 65W wireless charging technology.

Flash Charge is expected to hit OPPO’s next high end

Again, the results are promising: 30 minutes to fully charge a 4000mAh battery. For those who haven’t paid attention, AirVOOC technology uses two chargers (one at 2A and one at 1.25A) simultaneously with a 20V output. In fact, the smartphone must be positioned vertically to take advantage of a 65W charge.

Horizontally, AirVOOC also offers 25W wireless charging, compatible with the Qi standard. In addition, Oppo has also thought about taking care of the temperature of the smartphone while charging. Indeed, fans have been integrated into the charger to keep the thermometer below 40 ° C. Either way, it’s a safe bet that Flash Charge technology will debut in the next top of the range. society.

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