a children’s activity monitor

Garmin has announced the launch of its new activity tracker for children, vívofit jr 3. Time displays and icons, along with the color display and its new format, make children feel like they have a smartwatch. adult, just like mom and dad. Available in three colors, each with a different engraved design, the vívofit jr 3 is durable, suitable for swimming and has a battery life of up to one year. As kids reach daily activity minute goals, they unlock new adventures and mini-games in the Garmin Jr.

“Vívofit jr. 3 is a great way to get kids moving in a fun and exciting way, ”said Dan Bartel, vice president of global consumer sales at Garmin. “Children are motivated to reach their activity goals and see what happens next in the adventure of the app. Parents will also appreciate vívofit jr. 3 as a tool that helps them plan their child’s routine with the ability to assign tasks, set reminders and reward good behavior. “

More than an activity monitor

It monitors steps, sleep, and recommended daily activity minutes, which translates into building healthy habits in your life. Downloadable screen backgrounds, step icons, and an emergency widget that displays contact details. Timed activities allow children to monitor steps and estimated distance during recess and sports, among others. your activity on the Garmin Jr. app Encourage competition between family and friends with Toe-to-Toe ™ challenges.

A personal parental assistant

The vívofit jr. 3 is a valuable tool for parents who, through the Garmin Jr. application installed on a compatible device, allows:

see your children’s activity, sleep, chore data and more. A great way to find out if you need to cut back on screen time, adjust bedtime, balance your siblings’ responsibilities, and more. Assign tasks and schedule alerts that appear as icons on the screen, letting children who cannot read yet know what to do These tasks can be set to be repeated weekly or daily to help children to learn about schedules and responsibilities. Encourage good behavior with virtual coins which can be redeemed by children for agreed rewards. Parents can turn on “Kid Mode” on the Garmin Jr. app and allow children limited access to monitor and check their own tasks and view the latest mission of their adventure on the app.

Adventure on the Garmin World Tour app

Every day, kids have the opportunity to progress on the Garmin World Tour by meeting their 60-minute daily activity goals, which inspires them to do their best. Guided by a parent, children can discover new and fascinating places, take surprise educational tests and complete their virtual album with memories of their incredible adventures. Explore the pyramids of ancient Egypt, learn fitness moves that will help them stay warm in Antarctica, and even encounter sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. The more you meet and exceed activity goals, the more stories you can see. Exercise cards teach us basic exercise movements like jumping, descending, climbing and more.

Design, price and availability of vívofit jr 3

The vívofit jr. 3 is available with three different models: Digi Camo, Blue Stars and Pink Floral. The time display can be personalized with a variety of free and downloadable clock backgrounds. The vivofit jr. 3 is now available on for a suggested retail price of € 89.99. Children will also be able to swap the bracelets by choosing between different models, available separately and with a PRVP of € 29.99.

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