A new, easy-to-install HIKVISION alarm system

HIKVISION has launched AX PRO, an innovative wireless intrusion alarm system that enables remote supervision of homes, stores, offices and businesses. AX PRO includes a wide range of devices and accessories capable of meeting the needs of any home, SMB or business. They ensure maximum safety of people and installations, thanks to a technology capable of controlling any type of eventuality in the installations themselves, which facilitates immediate decision-making.

Among the most important notes of AX PRO we have:

Wireless PIRCAM -Device that incorporates high resolution cameras to capture images, in addition to an infrared LED that allows viewing of locations without lighting, with a wide detection range. Inertial detectors with magnetic contact for access doors and windows that trigger the alarm with minimal vibrations. Video verification technology. It shows exactly what is happening at all times in protected facilities, which facilitates quick and efficient decision making. The best solution to control access, storage areas, offices or even areas where payment boxes are located. Uninterrupted security and professional support for 24/7 protection. Independent communication channels. It ensures that there is no interference in the channels and enables ultra-fast transmission of alarm and video messages simultaneously. Portable emergency button to immediately activate the alarm system in case of need, if you see employees or installations at risk. Fire and flood detectors Remote control with customizable functions. Internal and external siren Control in your hands: The Hik-Connect application allows the user to have full and easy control of their installations, allowing them to operate each of their systems independently, but together in one single application. mobile phone. Hik-ProConnect: Excellent remote maintenance solution that helps reduce physical interventions by installers, reducing the cost associated with maintenance visits, breakdowns, etc.

The AX PRO is an EN Grade 2 certified solution to meet the needs of the national professional market, thus respecting the regulations in force on private security. Its ease of installation – without cables or work -, the user interface, very reliable and simple, and its elegant design complete the characteristics of AX Pro, an innovative alarm system from HIKVISION. A solution that guarantees security throughout the cycle that is generated from the detection of a possible intrusion to its communication, the verification of the alert and the start of the response protocol.

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