A smarter home with the TP-Link range

TP-Link offers a full range of smart home equipment, from smart lights like the Tapo L510E and L530E range, with which you can control the equipment by voice through integration with Alexa or Google Assistant, programming of opening hours the operation records different profiles with different levels of brightness, away mode; smart sockets like the Tapo P100, with which voice control is possible with, the opening hours of the program, monitor energy expenditure on this socket, away mode and surveillance video cameras in the cloud like the Tapo C100, C200 and C310, with motion detection and notifications of these two audio and night vision channels.

All of these products can be controlled remotely via an application on the smartphone.

What is a smart home?

The smart home is based on the principle of interconnecting smart devices and devices with your home’s Wi-Fi network, so that they can communicate with each other and enable the entire home ecosystem to be exploited. smart – all from an app or even a voice command

Benefits of smart homes?

What if you could turn on the air conditioning in advance on a really hot day? Or imagine that the lights automatically turn on at sunset. Sounds smart and very practical, doesn’t it? It is the magic of a smart home, which not only allows this automation but also the consequent energy savings and the simplicity of use which are inherent to them.

Easily configure and control your smart home

Easily have a smart home

Forget about complicated setups that include hubs and other accessories. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection for the app to set up.

Control and manage from anywhere

Instantly turn on / off connected devices anytime and anywhere by tapping your phone. Turn on the bedside lamp in the bedroom without getting up or the remote air conditioner on a very hot day. You can do this ahead of time to make the space cooler and more welcoming when you get home.

Control the house with your voice

Pair smart plugs with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the home with voice commands. It is possible to change the light in the playroom to blue, program the coffee machine to have hot coffee when you get up, and even display the children’s room on the Alexa / Google screen.

Automate the home with smart features

Smart functions automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to overcome the tedious part with the greatest ease and speed. Set it up at the same time and you don’t even have to think about it again. Smart functions make the home safer and more comfortable.

Discover the house with smart features

Planning and planning

The planning and timing functions allow you to create a weekly schedule and countdown plans. All the connected electronic components will automatically work at the preset time, making your life comfortable, convenient and more energy saving for you.

Custom lighting from anywhere

From dinners to evening study sessions, create the perfect environment with the smart lamp. Decrease the brightness of bedroom lights by 20% and create the perfect setting for a romantic movie night with that special someone.

Add color to your life

Automatically adjust the color of your smart lamp to match natural light patterns from sunrise to sunset. Discover endless lighting possibilities with the multicolored lamp. Choose from a wide range of colors, darkening any light for the perfect ambiance.

Keep prying eyes away from your home

Intelligently simulate that someone is at home turning lights or appliances on and off. Thus, it will give the impression that someone is at home on long trips.

With smart devices, control of your home is right at your fingertips. Personalize your lighting, turn connected devices on and off, monitor energy consumption and create hours of use for your smart home, wherever you are, with ease and convenience.

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