After several protests, Instagram changes its nudity policy

In recent months, Instagram has been the victim of several user protests, mainly because of its nudity policy, as the platform has decided to eliminate several posts from the account of the “plus size” model Nyome Nicholas-Williams.

According to what is revealed by The Guardian, the excluded posts showed Nicholas-Williams with his eyes closed and his arms over his breasts, apparently in violation of the company’s nudity policy. However, as the same thing reveals, not everyone is viewed by the same standards.

As early as last August, Instagram was accused of discrimination, after other black models reported that the platform excluded their posts. In the case of Nyome Nicholas-Williams, Instagram has also threatened to ban his account, although it has been verified, and has more than 62,000 followers.

Nyome nicholas-williams

Nyome Nicholas-Williams prompted Instagram to rethink its nude policy

In response to post exclusions and accusations of racism, an Instagram spokesperson said:

“Upon closer examination, we realized that this was a case where our breast compression policy was not being applied correctly. Listening to Nyome’s comments helped us understand where this policy was failing and how we could improve it.

People like Nicholas-Williams won’t have to wait long before they can post artistic photos again on Instagram, without being censored, as the company has confirmed that the policy change will be implemented on both Instagram and Facebook, starting this week.

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