Alert: Social Security suffers phishing attack: users receive suspicious emails

If you are one of the many users who have received an email from Social Security in the past few hours and your content has seemed suspicious to you, know that you are not alone and should be wary of it. Has Social Security suffered in recent hours from a phishing attack, which caused thousands of emails to be sent from the email addresses of employees of the institute.

These emails have several totally different subjects, in which some may allude to unpaid debts by users, others with missing amounts to pay, validation of access credentials, or even that the user has a amount to be received partly from social security.

Social Security suffers a phishing attack

As you can see above, the email is from a real, valid email address, but its content clearly demonstrates that it is a phishing email. Our best suggestion is to delete any email that looks questionable and never click on a link it may contain.

If you have any doubts as to its veracity, you should use the institute’s customer support line: 300502502, but if in doubt, do not reply or open any link in the email in question without check the hotline or confirm if there is communication in Direct Social Security (you can access it here).

Remember that Social Security cannot send sensitive personal data via email, and you should always be wary of emails that ask for unusual information or offer you something they didn’t know they had. were entitled.

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