All buffs have confirmed their arrival in Season 7

Apex Legends Season 7 is getting closer and closer to a reality as it arrives on November 4th. And as always, Respawn will be making a few changes to the game, where some Legends will get a new boost. Here is the list of buffs already confirmed by Respawn that will arrive in this new season of Apex Legends.


He’s one of the most popular legends in the game, his explosive personality has captivated many players forever, but the holographic illusionist is known to be in dire need of a little push from Respawn, in order to be able to compete with other legends in the game.
Programmers have always responded to player requests for a Mirage buff, and their promises will eventually become a reality at the start of Season 7. This has been confirmed by game designer Daniel Klein, who has confirmed he has tested changes to his final skill. , which could be the main change for this legend.


It has also been confirmed that Octane will be receiving a buff, but don’t get too excited about it, as Respawn herself explained that it would only be a “small buff.”


Rampart is another Legend that needs to be improved, and despite having a confirmed buff, there is no idea what he could bring back so far. Since their debut in Apex Legends, players have always made a series of suggestions for improving their skills, such as being able to move around while shooting their minigun, but it’s too early to know what Respawn plans to make available.


Pathfinder will also receive a buff, in the form of a hook wait time adjustment. However, the last time he was called a buff he was actually a nerf. Players will likely wait until they see the patch notes before believing in this alleged buff.

But Apex Legends isn’t just a buff.

Additionally, it has already been confirmed by Respawn that the in-game audio will have a lot of improvements this Season 7 as well, and that’s good news, since these improvements have been promised for months, and have no way to go. arrive.

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