All streaming platforms, including Apple TV, will arrive with the console

Virtually all streaming platforms will be present on Sony’s new console, PlayStation 5. The manufacturer revealed that on the day of its launch, Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube will be installed on the console, without the need for any additional downloads. As for other big names in the sector, like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, the company has confirmed its arrival on the console, but without announcing a specific date for this to happen.

And if you intend to subscribe to the Apple TV service, be aware that the app will also be available for those who own a PlayStation 4.

Almost all streaming platforms will be featured on PlayStation 5

Indeed, in the video presentation of the PlayStation 5 interface, published on the PlayStation YouTube account, Sony reveals the presence of a space exclusively dedicated to multimedia content. This way, games, series / movies and music will not be mixed up on the home screen. Everything is therefore simpler, but also more functional. While gamers can access Twitch and YouTube to watch videos or other shows, they will also have the option to stream their own content, created on the console and directly from the interface.

To control all these platforms, Sony offers a special multimedia remote control, available with its other accessories, for the modest sum of € 29.99, and visible in the image I leave above.


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