Android 11 already has a date to reach Oneplus 7 series devices

A few days ago, we unveiled here the launch of OxygenOS 11, based on Android 11, for the Oneplus 8 and 8 Pro. As the new Oneplus 8T, announced yesterday, has already left the factory with this version of the operating system, now the concern of the company is to update the equipment of the Oneplus 7 series, and we already have a date for this to happen.

Android Authority staff have received indications from a Oneplus spokesperson who has confirmed that Android 11 will arrive on Oneplus 7 series devices on December 7, 2020. As it could be, the operating system will arrive as OxygenOS 11, and will be available via OTA for all devices, and gradually.

Android 11 is coming to Oneplus 7 on December 7, 2020

This new information contradicts the rumors according to which Oneplus would have pointed in January 2021 the date of availability of Android 11 for this range of equipment.

If this information is confirmed, Oneplus reveals once again that it is probably the manufacturer that makes major firmware updates available for its devices the fastest. As an example, the Oneplus 8T, which was announced yesterday, is the first non-Google phone to be announced from the factory with Android 11, and within days it’s starting to reach users’ hands.

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