Apex Legends Season 7 official trailer reveals news

We are getting closer and closer to the arrival of season 7 of the famous Battle Royale, the Apex Legends. Respawn has just released its first official trailer which gives us a first look at the skills of Horizon, its new legend.

Concretely, we are 1 week away from the arrival of season 7 of the game, and players are clearly anxious to be able to experience all the news that will arrive for the match. And from what we can see, the new season has all the makings to be wrong (but I hope not).

Respawn releases official Apex Legends Season 7 trailer

So, suddenly, it’s easy to see that in Season 7 we should have the first vehicle in the game, a new team system, a new legend, and a new map.
The truth is, gamers haven’t heard of Olympus in a long time, but this time for sure gamers can finally venture to the planet Psamathe, the planet from which Lifeline and Octane came. The two legends didn’t seem too excited about the prospect when they heard the news for Season 5.

With the arrival of Olympus, Edge of the World will disappear and players will migrate to another location, which will make battles take place in a more urban environment. This means that the gameplay will be a little different and players will have to get used to it, as it is very different from what they are used to in Kings Canyon and Edge of the World.

The trailer also gives us a preview of Horizon’s features, and probably one of the most impressive is the Gravity Lift / Repulsor which moves or elevates players near the touchpoint.

Additionally, Apex Legends Season 7 will also mark the game’s encounter with Steam, meaning the player base is expected to grow. Nintendo Switch players will have to wait until 2021 to be able to play the game, but we’ve covered that already here.

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