Apple announces new HomePod Mini at a great price

Apple continues to try to enter the smart speaker market and announced the new HomePod Mini yesterday, in an event where the king was the new iPhone 12.

This new model starts from very different premises than the original HomePod, a state-of-the-art product that relied heavily on audio quality, and which was bound to come at an absurd price, $ 349 on the day it was launched.

But this HomePod Mini comes with a very different policy, and is a more compact product than its predecessor and hits the market at a much lower price. The presence of the voice assistant Siri does not change, which remains the cornerstone of the smart speaker software, but now all the components are contained in a spherical body – available in the colors Space Gray and White – very different from the body cylindrical shape of the first HomePod.

The touch controls are located at the top, which also have a lighting system that is active when the digital assistant Siri is called. Inside there are speakers capable of delivering 360-degree audio, while driving the Apple S5 chipset, which is also responsible for managing algorithms to improve sound performance.

HomePod Mini made official by Apple

The HomePod mini integrates seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, both with the iPhone and with the HomeKit, allowing the user to manage all smart home devices.

Its introductory price is $ 99 and orders will start from November 6, while deliveries are expected to start on the 16th of the same month.

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