Apple finally recognizes the autonomy problems of iOS 14

There are things that do not change, and the truth is that with each new version of iOS, complaints always arise in relation to the decrease in the autonomy of the equipment, that is to say that ‘with each new update, the iPhone battery seems to last less than in the previous version. . The truth is, it’s very difficult to keep track of battery consumption, and in some cases excessive consumption may not be.

This is because typically with major updates to the operating system, indexes have to be rebuilt, which can take some time, which can also immediately result in higher battery consumption. This may resolve itself eventually, but in the case of the recent iOS 14 update, it appears Apple recognizes that the battery may be drained as a result of the update.

So much so that the company has posted a support document, on its website, in which it tries to help users resolve some of the various issues with the update. Unfortunately, for now, it seems the only solution to the problem of excessive battery consumption is to basically clean the iPhone. It’s a bit extreme and we don’t think it should be done lightly.

If you have battery issues on iOS 14, you need to reset your iPhone

We assume it depends on how battery consumption affects your usage. If you think it doesn’t affect your daily use much, you can just wait for a fix. However, if battery consumption is affecting the way you use your phone, you may want to consider replacing your equipment as it may help.

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