Apple follows Xiaomi’s bad example and starts showing ads on iPhone

It’s no secret that companies around the world are copying each other, but copying what’s bad from another company shouldn’t be a good solution. Xiaomi has a long history of offering ads on its operating system, MIUI, and later Samsung did the same, for a while, with OneUI, and now it’s Apple’s turn to start promoting its products on iOS and iPadOS (iPhone and iPad).

Some US users have started seeing ads for paid Apple services on their devices. The first to talk about it on the social network Twitter is a user who came to prominence as Tom Warren. In fact, he’s the editor of The Verge, who posted an image of the settings menu, where we can see a block with an Apple Arcade proposal.

As expected, user reactions to the post have not been the best. Soon after, other users emerged saying that AppleCare + ads and Apple TV + service subscription appeared on their iPhones or iPads, and in different generations.

Ads are starting to appear on iPhone and iPad

For the company, this is the best way to promote its own services, however, it should be remembered that users have paid hundreds of dollars for material that now appears with advertisements, regardless of its source, and the worst is that they don’t. way to eliminate them.

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