Apple isn’t ready to make the iPhone notch go away

Although the official presentation of the iPhone 12 is still in a few days, the truth is that we are already talking about the iPhone 13. In any case, it seems that the notch will still be part of the equipment launched in 2021 .

According to a series of rumors, in 2021 the iPhone 13 may finally say goodbye to the notch, but unfortunately more recent information shows that it will not. According to a tweet from our famous Ice Universe, which is generally very reliable, the Cupertino company must still use this design with the notch on the front of the equipment, in the iPhones of 2021.

That said, and assuming this tweet to be true, Apple obviously found common ground by introducing a much smaller “notch”. This means that instead of taking up a lot of space across the width of the screen, the notch can be thinner and less intrusive. Obviously it would still be there, but due to its smaller design it becomes much less obvious to the eye.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) October 7, 2020

And to be fair, there aren’t many manufacturers who can really get rid of the notch for good, in favor of an integrated camera directly below the display. So far, we only know of ZTE and Xiaomi to offer this design. And again, it has not yet been possible to test these devices. Therefore, it is impossible to assess the quality of the photos taken with this module hidden under the screen. As such, it is impossible, by extension, to assess the overall quality of this innovation, long awaited by many customers.

Notch will be present on iPhone 13

There are a number of technical challenges involved in getting a fully functioning lower chamber. Therefore, it is quite possible that Apple has not yet found the perfect solution to this problem. The mainstream has adapted well to this notch on the last three generations of iPhones, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to wait a bit longer. Without a doubt, Apple will launch when it is fully satisfied with this technology, and never before.

As for the iPhone 12, it will be announced on October 13th, and closer to the time of the event, we’ll be providing the streaming so you can watch everything that is said there live.

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