Apple launches iOS 14.2.1 but not for all devices

Apple is releasing a new update, which comes in the form of iOS 14.2.1, but which is only specific to the iPhone 12. As the version number suggests, it does not come with new features, and focuses on bug fixing.

In particular, Apple mentions the fact that some MMS messages may not be received. Another resolution is for Made for iPhone audio devices, where there have been concerns about audio quality when listening on iPhone.

The main fix for iOS 14.2.1 is however for the iPhone 12 Mini with a bug on the lock screen that may become unresponsive, and we’ve already covered that here. The good news is that this was a software bug, not a hardware issue.

iOS 14.2.1 is coming to fix some issues on the iPhone 12

In the Apple forums, the problem of erratic operation of the touchscreen has been identified, for example, with the combined presence of a protective film and a shell-style shell … The mystery remains, but obviously a bet software update should suffice. for its resolution.

To see if a later software update will also be enough for the flicker, or a greenish or yellowish tint, which can be seen on some screens on all iPhone 12 series phones (under certain conditions).

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