Apple M1 is a new ARM processor that equips Macs

After months of talking about the Apple Silicon, the manufacturer has finally announced the new Apple M1, which is its first processor to equip Macs which now have the ARM architecture. This same chip promises twice the performance of the latest laptop processors, but it gets 1/4 of their power.

During the recent presentation, Apple said that the M1 has an 8-core processor and an 8-core GPU. The company also mentions that the main focus is on efficiency and uses a “ unified memory architecture ” which means that RAM, processor and GPU are shared, which helps reduce power consumption. . The four high-performance cores are considered the fastest performance cores of all time, while delivering the best processor performance per watt.

Its 8-core GPU is also part of the M1, and while it doesn’t constantly use all of its cores, it can run them simultaneously if needed. In fact, according to the slides revealed by Apple, it can deliver twice the performance of a laptop, while consuming a third of the power. The company is also proud that the M1 features the world’s fastest integrated graphics. When it comes to processor performance, Apple claims that the M1’s eight cores consume a quarter of the power compared to laptops, which translates to better overall battery life.

Apple Silicon is the Apple M1 and is now official

Additionally, the Apple M1 has a 16-core neural engine which also has a Secure Enclave to isolate security information. This will make machines equipped with the M1 safer. Apple also mentions that Thunderbolt is supported over the USB 4 protocol, so we’ll have to see exactly how much performance we can get on a single port.

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