Apple prevents users from reverting to iOS 14

After releasing iOS version 14.0.1, which arrived with the resolution of some issues and bugs, Apple no longer allows users to downgrade to version 14 of their iPhone operating system. In other words, after installing iOS 14.0.1, there is no way to get your iPhone back to iOS 14, because pure Apple just shut down this OS and stopped signing it.

Theoretically, there will be no reason for users to want to revert to iOS 14, unless users have jailbroken their gear and kept their gear up to date.
The truth is that version 14.0.1 comes with bug fixes that now allow some standard iPhone apps to be changed permanently. The original version of the operating system allowed this as well, but the changes were lost every time the user restarted their device.

As older Apple users probably know, the tech giant has never allowed standard iPhone apps to change, and that’s something very hard to imagine these days. And all because Apple has developed an obsession with its ecosystem, which has set a lot of restrictions that prevent users from doing a lot of things. On the flip side, Apple claims this approach means increased security and privacy, which is exactly what iPhone users are looking for in the first place.

After installing iOS 14.0.1, you cannot revert to version 14 anymore

But going back to iOS 14, the new version also included camera improvements for those who had an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, as Apple found that previews no longer appeared on those devices. Additionally, the update fixes an issue that prevents some devices from connecting to wireless networks, so in general, version 14.0.1 should generally provide a better experience.

Upgrades for iOS 13 will also be stuck at some point in the future, so think twice before installing the new version of the operating system on your iPhone.

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