Apple thinks of a hydrogen battery for its iPhones and MacBooks

Batteries remain the weakest link in our electronic devices, since they actually do not provide long battery life compared to batteries of half a dozen years. Our smartphones, tablets and other laptops rarely have more than a full day of battery life. And this time is limited to a few hours when the device in question is used a lot. Incorporating larger batteries could obviously solve the problem, but this is not a possible solution, as it increases the size and weight of the devices.

In the long run, the best solution would be to develop better battery technology, and many companies are already working on it, but that improvement still doesn’t happen. One of those companies is Apple, because in a patent recently discovered by AppleInsider staff, the Cupertino-based company is exploring the idea of ​​using hydrogen cells to power future models of iPhone and MacBook. The brand mentions in particular the need for environmental protection, as well as the advantages of this type of hydrogen battery.

IPhones and MacBooks in the future with a hydrogen battery?

According to the document provided in Apple’s patent, “the fact that our country is permanently dependent on fossil fuels has forced our government to maintain a very complicated politics and military relations, with unstable governments in the Middle East in particular, and also exposed our coasts and our citizens to accidents related to offshore oil drilling. “

Added: “Hydrogen batteries have a number of advantages. These batteries, along with other similar technologies, can achieve high densities of volumetric and gravity energy, which can allow portable electronic devices to run for days or even weeks without having to go through charging.

However, this is only a patent. It’s unclear whether this will provide a normal working battery, but just imagining an iPhone, or a MacBook, which can sit away from any power source for days or weeks, is extremely interesting.

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