Apple Watch SE seems to have heating issues

According to several reports from South Korea, it seems that some users who bought the Apple Watch SE are now experiencing heating issues with their smartwatch. Fortunately, there are no reports of an explosion or serious injury, as the worst case so far was an Apple Watch overheating and leaving a red mark on its user’s wrist.

A Reddit post explains the incident:

“The owner received the product on October 8. He slept with the watch on his wrist on the night of October 9 and woke up on October 10 and found his wrist to be very hot. The owner of the watch quickly took it out and found that his wrist was red from the heat. No clock signal, but it reproduces the sound requested when searching for the clock with the “Find my clock” function. The owner exchanged his watch for a new one on October 16.

But is this a widespread problem with Apple Watch SE?

What’s interesting here is that this heating always seems to happen in the same place, i.e. in the upper right corner of the screen, near the digital crown. It’s unclear what is causing this overheating, as we haven’t seen any teardowns of the undamaged product yet, but some have already argued that this may be due to the display connectors near the Taptic engine.

For now, the problem appears to be confined to South Korea, but it is perfectly possible that it will happen to other users in other markets, cases which have not yet been disclosed. It is difficult at this point to know how Apple plans to fix this problem, but it is not the first time that we have heard of an Apple Watch which overheats and ends up causing burns to its users, but luckily these cases are very rare.


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