Astro’s Game Room gets new gameplay trailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has unveiled a new trailer that focuses on gameplay from the highly anticipated Astro Playroom, in which gamers will be able to see how the various features of DualSense are used, which will deliver a gaming experience. deeper and highly immersive.

Astro’s Game Room is a new platform adventure and exploration of the captivating Astro. The game, developed by Japan Studio and Team ASOBI and designed to be enjoyed by gamers and families, will arrive pre-installed on all PlayStation 5 consoles.

Astro’s game room arrives installed with PlayStation 5

In this new adventure, free to anyone with a PlayStation 5, players will be able to explore 4 different worlds, each with innovative gaming experiences. Here, players will feel differently every step they take, every jump they take and every enemy they face, thanks to DualSense’s innovative new vibration technology.


Astro’s Game Room will also give gamers the chance to enjoy the many hidden references to the history of the PlayStation console and collect timeless artifacts to display in their beloved PlayStation Lab. With uninterrupted magic, captivating characters and lots of humor, this is the perfect game for families to have fun.

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