Big Bold Chrono is the new collection of watches from Swatch

By integrating the chronograph function into the already famous BIG BOLD case, Swatch is making its latest collection a must. So Swatch introduced the Big Bold Chrono, which lets you play with the concept of time itself – taking a break or reconfiguring it however you like. For Swatch it is clear that the concept of time is the way you use it!

Swatch offers the possibility for those who like to dream: what if we could pause in time, even for a short time, and restart? Or even a reset in the last thirty seconds? Seize the moment and think about it. The concept of time is priceless, non-negotiable, and once the minutes are up, they can never be reclaimed. Swatch offers a world where the imagination has no limits – imagine the possibility of restarting time and redoing a decisive sentence during a job interview, or enjoying that unique sunset with the possibility of suspend time. The possibility of being able to retrace a few steps or simply savor this special moment, suspending it for one more minute, always remains in the realm of distant dreams.

Swatch announces Big Bold Chrono

All four models, CHECKPOINT BLACK, YELLOW, RED and BLUE have a massive 47mm case that covers all wrists. The contrasting colors of the models highlight the great personalities of these models – BIG BOLD CHRONO watches are a true style statement. The superluminova-coated hands on the three chronograph functions guarantee time monitoring in every situation. Don’t waste time, enjoy the moment!

This line of watches is now available in the company’s physical and online stores, starting at € 135.

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