Buff for Rempart and Mirage confirmed

Rampart came to Apex Legends when he started Season 6 of the game and quickly piqued the interest of players. In fact, the mercenary has unique abilities, like his mounted machine gun, which can wreak havoc.

However, the character quickly fell apart from players, as many consider her weak compared to giants like Wraith and Pathfinder, and many complain about her overly crippling flaws. In particular, we can point the finger at your machine gun which, although powerful, greatly reduces its mobility and its accuracy is far from desired.

On Reddit, Rampart fans have several great ideas for improving the character. One of the most interesting would be that your machine gun has the same properties as a heavy weapon, with a small penalty to movement speed. This would allow anyone using this weapon not to give up their mobility entirely, so that they don’t become a very easy target.

Bulwark and Mirage have confirmed that they will receive a buff soon

Another legend who obviously needs a little “affection” from Respawn Entertainment, is Mirage. The Holographic Illusionist has been around since the game’s release, but has always struggled to establish itself as a successful character. His recent buff has clearly brought him back to light, but players are asking for a new boost.

Good news for Rampart and Mirage: the buffs are on their way! In fact, Apex Legends game designer Daniel Zenon Klain has assured players on Reddit that these Legends have been improved with the Halloween update.

Both [os aficionados da Mirage e Rampart] are provided! Stay tuned for patch notes; I don’t want anything spoiled before.

For Rampart and Mirage players, all that remains is to wait a bit, hoping that the buffs created by Respawn Entertainment will meet player expectations.

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