Bug causes Xbox Series X to be disabled

There is nothing we can do about it, with each new generation of devices, new problems arise. And while it has already been reported that the new PlayStation 5 has some “birth pains,” Microsoft’s new consoles are not immune to the same issues.

According to what is revealed, mainly in the Microsoft forums, some owners of the recent Xbox Series X have reported that a bug is causing their console to deactivate, and at all times. Most of the time at the worst time, of course. Apparently, when you try to load a game, after about 5-10 seconds the console immediately turns off. Some gamers have attempted to reinstall the game by performing a factory reset, but this unfortunately results in failure.

That said, an already very popular discussion seems to point the finger at two games in particular, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the latest Call of Duty game. It appears that previous generation Xbox games don’t have loading issues. And only those games are causing these issues, forcing the Xbox Series X to restart.

A bug plagues some Xbox Series X users

Some have suggested that the problem may be with the location of the Xbox Series X. If the console is resting on fabric, it is possible that the fabric is overheating, causing the system to shut down. Or the console may have been damaged in transit, which is now causing these issues. In any case, Microsoft has not yet officially commented on this matter.

In other words, if you’ve ordered the Xbox Series X, or already have it, be aware of this unexpected system shutdown issue. But we hope that it is not very widespread, and that it is mostly easy to fix.

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