Carl Pei abandons Oneplus

A few days ago, we revealed a supposed rumor that Carl Pei had abandoned Oneplus, shortly after the launch of Oneplus North. And while the news was commented on throughout the Specialty’s communication, the truth is, officially nothing has been revealed. Today this situation is even official, since Carl Pei himself, now ex-CEO of Oneplus, used the company’s forum to say goodbye.

For 7 years at the helm of the company founded in 2013, Pei has always been the strong man of the company, and although he was only 24 years old when he founded the company (today 31 years old), Pei has always been the point of reference for Oneplus, leaving Pete Lau in the background, and who is now taking over.

Although he has not revealed the real reasons that led him to leave the company, Carl Pei says he is leaving the company for good, and will now take a break from his professional life. , then follow what his heart suggests.

Carl Pei leaves Oneplus

There are rumors that he might start a new company that will join the BBK group, but other rumors claim that he will join Samsung. However, there is a third rumor that realizes that she will be part of the management of the BBK group.

We’ll have to wait and see what he does.

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