Cascais hospital installs a disinfection tunnel

The Cascais hospital has installed a new system, at the entrance to the facilities, which allows disinfection, detection of the use of a mask and measurement of the body temperature of all users. The aim of this innovative system is to help fight against the feeling of insecurity of the population due to the Covid-19 infection.

The main entrance to the Cascais hospital will now be subject to this automatic disinfection system, where users will have to go through an ozone nebulization tunnel, an action that goes through another system that automatically detects the face mask and measures body temperature. This system emits a light signal (green or red) which indicates whether the user can move forward or not, with an estimated passage of 6 to 10 users per minute.

“This system that we have decided to install at the Cascais hospital is innovative, sustainable and a pioneer in the field of health in Portugal. We have advanced in the implementation of this project because we believe that it will promote more efficient access to our facilities and help improve the user experience, at a time when hospitals are one of the places where people are the most afraid to go ”, explains José Bento e Silva, chairman of the board of directors of the Cascais hospital. “In this way, we are responding to another current challenge and reinforcing our commitment to always take care of safety,” he concludes.

Cascais hospital already has a disinfection tunnel against Covid-19

“From the first moment, brands have played an important role in the fight against the pandemic. In addition to reorienting communication strategies for prevention, they have adopted all kinds of measures for rapid and effective combat, despite the fact that we are faced with a complex problem. and no short-term solution. Jack The Maker, a tech creativity company, has created a set of new tools to bring some normalcy back to this “new normal”. It is in this sense that Jack The Maker and Lusíadas Santé came together to develop a Hygiene Tunnel 2.0 with hardware and software adaptable to all types of contexts, in this particular case, the solution designed will serve the entrance of the Cascais hospital, ensuring the hygiene of exposed tissues to those who visit the hospital. A solution based on a 100% natural process ”, says Ricardo Espada, CEO of Jack The Maker.

This is a pilot project, developed through a partnership between Lusíadas Saúde and Jack the Maker. The system installed at the Cascais hospital is a prototype that will function as a test, the objective of which is to improve and ensure more security in access to the health office, in a system based on innovative technologies. , durable and efficient.

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