China launches antitrust investigation against Google

The trade war between the United States and China has won a new episode today. According to Reuters, China is preparing an antitrust investigation against Google. And we all know the conflict between these two powers, so it’s hard not to interpret this as a response to the recent sanctions imposed by the Trump administration which mainly target Huawei, ZTE, TikTok and more recently the minimum wage.

As it progresses, the American giant would be suspected of using its dominant position on Android, to avoid healthy competition that could benefit Chinese companies, including Huawei (the name of the Asian giant is cited by sources “close folder”. ). This investigation would follow a complaint filed by Huawei in 2019.

The investigation targets Google and could be formalized as early as next October. Finally, it should be noted that neither Google nor Huawei wanted to respond to Reuters’ requests (silence which is generally valid for confirmation).

China “throws itself” on Google

Even setting aside the current economic war between the United States and China, the antitrust investigation against Google is not in itself an anomaly: two years ago, the search giant in Europe was ordered to fined $ 4.3 billion for proven anti-competitive practices, including pre-installing Google apps on Android smartphones.

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