Coronavirus “survives” 28 days on smartphones? Not enough

In recent days, we have been bombarded with information that shows the Coronavirus remains active on our smartphone screen for approximately 28 days. Is this information true? Yes, but the way the information was transmitted is completely out of context, and with the intention of alarming users, as it is so much more than any other virus, like the flu.

The truth is, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) did a study that proves it. What most of the news doesn’t reveal, however, is that in order for the virus to stay active for those 28 days, something “real world” impossible has to happen. So, according to his research, COVID-19 remained active on smartphones for 28 days, when stored in a laboratory at a controlled and constant temperature, 20 degrees centigrade and in the dark, to avoid the effects of the rays. ultraviolet.

In the same study, it was proved that light sources, which emit ultraviolet rays, are able to “kill” the virus, and it is difficult for anyone to spend a month in the dark, with a constant temperature of 20 ° C. It should also be noted that the test was carried out with a glass that looks like that of a smartphone, where millions of viral particles were deposited, which also does not seem possible under real conditions.

It is not entirely true that the coronavirus lives 28 days on a smartphone

Under normal conditions, the particles are carried in saliva or other bodily fluids, which usually contain enzymes capable of accelerating the breakdown of the virus. This obviously does not mean that it is a bad habit, that of cleaning our smartphones, or other technological products. Contrary to what was believed during the first phase of the pandemic, while many scientists believed that the main vector of infection was contact with contaminated surfaces, the most recent tests confirm that the virus is transmitted more easily by air, thanks to the now famous droplets. .

However, it is still very advisable to wash your hands very often and exhaustively, especially when you get home, in addition to using the disinfectants that are found in all establishments … besides that avoid touching your face before washing too much. hands fine.


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