Dirt 5 programmers praise DualSense

One of the highlights of the new PlayStation 5 is DualSense, the new controller that comes with the console. Those who wish can already purchase the new controller, although the console will only be available in a few days.

It comes with exclusive features that have been talked about a lot in recent months, such as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers, which will only be available when connected to a PS5. And while we wait for the opportunity to test them, the developers of Dirt 5 have shared a new video to explain how DualSense improves the feel of the game on the console.

DualSense amazes the DIRT 5 team

Meanwhile, David Springate, CTO of DIRT 5, says the following:

We’re excited to finally reveal more details about the PlayStation 5 version of DIRT 5. There are so many improvements gamers will love, and they’re not much bigger than the DualSense Wireless Controller, which is a major player. Of the industry.

What I really like are adaptive triggers. It is not always that something in the controller space appears and surprises you. Something that comes and makes you say, “Why haven’t we done this before? It’s incredible!’

In the past, noise from controllers was the primary way to feel immersed in the experience while playing a video game. There was not enough expression inside the bang. You had a low bang and a loud bang, and you set how often you would turn on and off. But with DualSense’s adaptive triggers, it doesn’t just provide on and off. In effect, you are providing a waveform, like an audio file, to say how much you want it and how much you want it to push and pull. These adaptive triggers allow us, while driving, to feel the world the way we want to. When you bump into something, we can describe to the controller how hard the ground is, how much resistance your finger should feel while driving on that surface. This makes it very different from any other racing game. It’s not like anything I’ve played before, to be honest. I take the DualSense controller and a big smile spreads across my face.

David seems to have been thrilled with the lead, and we’re waiting here on November 19 so we can get our hands on a unit.

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