Do you already know FreeBuds Studio? Huawei’s new wireless over-ear headphones

Huawei recently announced the company’s first wireless over-ear headphones, the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. The new headphones deliver Hi-Fi sound experience and high-frequency quality up to 48kHz to truly reveal the details of high-resolution music. Industry-leading Active Dynamic Noise Cancellation (ANC) offers three noise cancellation modes that can be switched based on ambient noise. With the duplicate, users can say “goodbye” to the complicated pairing process and enjoy the perfect connection provided by Huawei FreeBuds Studio.
Inspired by geometry and simplicity, Huawei FreeBuds Studio offers a sleek look and a comfortable fit. It is not just headphones, but a smart assistant that enables consumers to experience an innovative world of digital sound.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio redefines aesthetics with geometric shapes

Huawei FreeBuds Studio combines art and technology to provide comfortable and stylish headphones suitable for many different styles. These headphones are designed with simple lines and circles and with a matte metallic textured finish which gives it a premium look. In addition, a stainless steel cylindrical arm allows you to connect the headband with the headphones offering a unique design.
In order to further enhance the user experience, Huawei FreeBuds Studio offers headphones larger than 65mm x 42mm to create a roomy fit for more ear sizes. The leather ear cushion is not only soft and comfortable, but also has excellent soundproofing effects. The streamlined design of the headband allows it to extend up to 150 degrees to accommodate different head shapes and sizes.

Listening experience with high-resolution sound quality

Using professional acoustic components, Huawei FreeBuds Studio supports ultra-wide frequency response of 4Hz to 48kHz, tuned by audio experts to deliver excellent quality music with rich detail.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio features a custom 40mm four-layer polymer diaphragm driver, which enables a wider frequency response range and greater sensitivity, while L2HC wireless audio codec technologies, developed by Huawei, allow an audio transmission rate of up to 960 kbps. This enables Huawei FreeBuds Studio to actually reproduce the original high quality sounds from audio files in glorious detail.

Intelligent dynamic noise cancellation for a completely innovative experience

Huawei FreeBuds Studio features the innovative double-layer “TAT” sound insulation structure and intelligent dynamic ANC which can achieve noise cancellation effect of up to 40dB. With the built-in IMU environment sensor and microphone system, the earphones can accurately detect the user’s sound environment and offer three ANC modes that adapt to the environment to enhance the noise reduction effect .
Additionally, Huawei FreeBuds Studio supports Attention Mode and Ambient Sound Mode, allowing users to be aware of the surroundings or have a clear conversation without removing the headphones. The new six-microphone call noise reduction system can also capture voice more directionally, effectively focusing on voices and eliminating background noise.

Perfect connections in all scenarios to renew the audio experience

Huawei FreeBuds Studio has four channels, dual mode and dual connection, which allows users to connect to two devices simultaneously without having to disconnect and reconnect. These headphones not only support dual connection with Huawei devices for all scenarios, but also with Android, iOS and Windows devices, allowing a perfect connection between them.
It’s also worth noting that Huawei FreeBuds Studio is the industry’s first dual-antenna wireless headset to offer 360 ° omni-directional Bluetooth signal coverage for a more stable connection. Even in places with strong signal interference, such as airports, the dual antenna design can intelligently identify and automatically switch to another antenna with stronger signal, providing better stability for phone calls.

When Huawei FreeBuds Studio is fully charged, they can play music with ANC for up to 20 hours, or 24 hours if ANC is off. With just a 10 minute quick charge, these headphones can provide five hours of music playback with ANC on, or eight hours if the ANC is off.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio will be available in Portugal from November 10 for € 349.99.

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