Do you consider the PlayStation 5 too big? It was supposed to be bigger

Those who deny it are not being sincere: the PlayStation 5 is a big console, and if it’s bought with all the other home consoles, it is giant. However, that won’t get fans of the company to make its acquisition, and the proof is that it sold in the vast majority of markets, within hours of going on presale.

However, if we already think he’s tall, let us know he was meant to be even bigger, much taller. It was PS5 designer Yujin Morisawa who told the Washington Post in a recent interview.

I didn’t know what to expect at first. I knew it would be bigger because I know how much energy there would be, so I knew how much airflow it would take and how much space for a radiator was needed. At first when I started drawing it was a lot bigger, although I didn’t know what the engineering would do. Funny engineering tells me it’s too big. So I really had to shrink a bit from the first drawing.

We wanted to make it a lot smaller, so that it is now the perfect size. If I made it thinner there would be less airflow. It would disturb the player while he is playing. As for the form factor, I drew a perfect line around it and tried to achieve the perfect size.

Yujin Morisawa

Yujin Morisawa: the PlayStation 5 was supposed to be bigger than it is

We don’t know how many will say the PS5 is the “perfect size,” but Yujin Morisawa says it’s not that tall and is the perfect size. The designer was also asked whether it was better to place the PS5 vertically or horizontally, and he had a unique solution:

I do not have [uma PS5] again. If I could get one personally, I would choose both. I projected both [as edições padrão e digital do PlayStation 5], so I would buy both and place one vertically and one horizontally.

The PlayStation 5 will arrive on November 19 and will certainly make many users happy, whether it’s big or small, or whether it’s better vertically or horizontally.

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