Do you have a PlayStation 4? It is better not to update the firmware in the same way

A few hours ago we revealed here that Sony has released new firmware for the PlayStation 4, however, if you haven’t updated your console yet, we suggest you wait a little longer (I would say a few days) to install it. Our suggestion comes in right now as dozens of complaints are popping up on the PlayStation Forum, realizing that internet-related apps have stopped working, or your Friends List simply cannot be loaded. Social media groups are also inundated with these complaints.

Officially, Sony has yet to comment on this issue, but the update is expected to only make adjustments to the party and message functions. After the update, party mode and messages are the features that “suffer the most” when the user interface changes. Both apps now use the same player groups for voice chat and messaging, instead of setting up different groups through the two apps.

PlayStation 4 firmware 8.00 is causing problems for users

Additionally, with the update to version 8.00, the user is no longer able to create events or access existing events that were created by other users. Additionally, Sony is removing the ability to create private communities in the Community app on PS4.

As such, and again, and given that there are many complaints, our suggestion is to leave the update for a later date, at least until Sony gives an explanation for these issues. .

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