Do you use apps like hotels and / or booking? You need to know that

In a constantly growing digital world, we leave a lot of personal data on different platforms, especially on the web, where security is really crucial. And if you have already booked a stay online, whether in a hotel, pension or apartment, there is a good chance of registering on platforms like, Expedia or Booking.

Unfortunately, it appears that if this is the case, some of your personal data may have been exposed. In fact, a major security breach has affected these various platforms, scattering the personal data of millions of customers across the web. It was not the platforms themselves that fell victim to this hack, but the software that they use to run their websites. The software in question is called Cloud Hospitality. It is hosted on a misconfigured Amazon Web Services S3. And due to this misconfiguration, over 10 million log files dated 2013 have been exposed.

Personal data concerned by, Expedia and Booking

And these newspapers seem very dangerous. In fact, they apparently contain personal information that identifies users. This data can be used to create fake online accounts, steal credit card information, and more. You can also authorize the recovery of a third party reservation and thus steal your stay, if that is the aim of the hackers.

At this time, it’s unclear whether this exposed data was used, but Planet Planet reported on November 6 that at this time the S3 instance was still active and in use. No one knows if it has been fixed in the meantime or if its configuration has been changed to prevent this failure.

Still, if you’ve used any of these booking sites in the past, keep tabs on your accounts, change your passwords, pay attention to your credit card statements. Remember that it can be misused.

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