DPD wants to make Lisbon greener

DPDgroup (DPD) has announced its commitment to the planet, with an ambitious reduction of the environmental footprint in 225 European cities, helping to improve the quality of life in these cities. This commitment to corporate social responsibility, DrivingChange, is part of the air quality diagnostic program in 5 European cities, of which Lisbon was a pilot.

“Since June 2019, through our fleet and our branches in the city of Lisbon, we have been measuring the finest and most dangerous air particles with each delivery, thanks to the air quality diagnostic program. Now we are going one step further and we intend to help areas with the greatest traffic in the city of Lisbon, the area next to Avenida da Ribeira das Naus, improving air quality. We are therefore very happy to offer the city of Lisbon two completely innovative facilities, the City Tree, ”said Olivier Establet, President of DPD Portugal.

DPD makes Lisbon greener by donating two city trees to the city

Miguel Gaspar, City Councilor of the City of Lisbon, said: “This initiative is very useful for the City of Lisbon. It is a decisive project, because it allows us to obtain additional fundamental data and to identify green spaces and critical points of the city. Thanks to our fruitful collaboration with DPDgroup, we are able to improve air quality in the city and thus have a positive impact on the health of our citizens ”.

Using the latest mobile laser sensors, its distribution fleet and Pickup stores, monitor PM 2.5 air pollution levels in real time. The exhaustive data obtained enabled Câmara de Lisboa to draw a reduced emissions zone (ZER) in the heart of the city.

Citizens of the city of Lisbon will also benefit from this program, as they will be able to check the level of air quality at their doorstep through a web interface each time they receive an order from DPD.

The trees of the city, a unique structure that improves air quality

This wooden structure is equipped with different types of foam that purify the air and produce oxygen for up to 7,000 people per hour per unit. Integrated IoT technology provides comprehensive information on the condition of the equipment as well as environmental data surrounding it.

Olivier Establet also specifies that “this is a new step in our partnership with the City of Lisbon, after Air Diag and the signing of the Business Mobility Pact and the Lisbon Capital Verde European Commitment. Our close collaboration with the Chamber goes against the city’s decarbonisation mission, and our plans are also to make the fleet “zero emissions” in Lisbon by the end of 2022 ”.

Through this innovative initiative, DPD is pursuing its ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by order by 2025, compared to 2013, and reaffirms its commitment to have a positive impact on communities, cities and society by general.

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