DreNaz released their latest single: No Na Bai

When the moments follow one another, a life is built. And that’s exactly what DreNaz does: it continues to accumulate tens of thousands of coins on platforms, and with a push, it throws its name up and moves on. This is exactly the message of “No Na Bai”, another important piece not only in the affirmation of its name, but also in the normalization of Creole as an important means of communicating in our present.

The theme has a loaded rhythm with a balance stamped, again, by VMBeatz and a video with a production signed by Bust Down Records, which will be available today on the artist’s YouTube channel, starting at noon. It is an affirmation of the collective strength of the alliances that elevate DreNaz and allow it to look to the future with the faith that its talent justifies.

No Na Bai is DreNaz’s latest single

The artist thus succeeds in his first formal work, MOMENTOS (to listen), a work published shortly after the edition of “No Love”, theme with which he formalized his rapprochement with Warner Music Portugal. With productions from names like Gibbo, CorMill, RC Beats, Ransom Beatz, Jordan Whatley and VMBeatz – beatmaker with whom he has developed a partnership of real understanding that has given banger after banger – MOMENTS has brought together eight powerful themes, including the ” Non Love “and other gems that this summer have gained space in many playlists across the country, such as” AutoEstima “and” Problems “, themes that have already crossed the bar of half a million views on YouTube .

“I feel that my path has been solid,” explains DreNaz, “and that every step I take is safe and thoughtful. Everything happens for a reason ”. The reason is linked to the clear work, but it was born mainly from the talent, which affirms it as a distinct and personalized voice in the national panorama. “I add a message vibe to our scene, I mean things people can think of,” says DreNaz. And moving forward with confidence, which “No Na Bai” conveys, is the best possible message for these complex times.

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