DualSense arrives with support for PC and Android

In recent days, we have seen that the new PlayStation 5 is already being distributed by some journalists and influencers, mainly in the USA (but not only). The truth is, according to the reports we’ve seen, the information appears to be under embargo, and they could only reveal that they were already in the PlayStation 5 pass and reveal the box.

And with PlayStation 5 also came its accessories, and among them we have the new controller, DualSense, which, according to is now revealed, seems to be arriving with support for both PC and Android devices. The information comes in the hands of an Unboxing video of the new order, which is performed by Austin Evans.

DualSense seems to work on Android devices and Windows PCs

This order was no longer unknown to us, since the PlayStation itself had already revealed the same thing, in a little detail. However, and as we can see in the video above, which at times seems a bit too sensational to me, we can see that DualSense works great on Android devices, PCs and the PlayStation 4. It doesn’t turn out to be true. surprising, because although it was not officially announced, it was already expected to have such support.

DualSense: the Playstation 5 controller

In addition, the remote control was found to have a 1560mAh battery.
And although this is a personal opinion of Austin Evans, he says DualSense seems like a good update for the reliable DualShock 4, and admits I can’t wait to get my hands on one when my. order will arrive. DualSense and PlayStation 5 will officially arrive on November 19.

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