Electrolux presents a vacuum cleaner 100% made from recycled and reused materials

Today, more than 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced every day around the world, but only less than 12% is turned into recycled material. Manufacturers have serious difficulty finding recycled materials of reliability, quality and consistency. For this reason, in 2010, the Electrolux Group was a pioneer in alerting to this problem through the “Vac Rom The Sea” project, feeling a repercussion of its action, but on a small scale.

To accelerate this process of change, the Electrolux Group is now joining Stena Recycling, in collaboration with the Circular Initiative, with the aim of learning how to operate the recycled plastic market as well as the virgin materials market. Thus, the first result of this survey is a visionary vacuum cleaner built 100% from recycled materials and electronic components from reused plastics.

Jonas Samuelson, CEO of the Electrolux Group, states that “Within the Electrolux Group, our commitment is to reduce our impact on the environment by 2030 and recycling circularity is the key to achieving this. Therefore, the partnership with Stena Recycling is one of the most important initiatives we have launched, both for us and for the industry. We therefore want to support consumers in their sustainable choices and, to be successful, we need a consolidated approach.

Henrik Sundström, Head of Sustainability at the Electrolux Group, also adds: “This project highlights many considerations that we take into account when seeking this circularity. In the design of the products and materials that we use in the new models, there are certain rules, of quality and safety, which must be guaranteed, so we must find a balance by increasing the use of recycled and reused materials.

For the CEO of Stena Recycling, Kristofer Sundsgård, “the Swedish industry has fulfilled all the conditions to become a pioneer in this field of circular recycling. We have the knowledge, the technical areas and the companies available to lead this circular production process. I am proud of what we have already achieved in this partnership with the Electrolux group, these are crucial steps towards a future where recyclable circular materials will play an important role in production.

Electrolux presents a vacuum cleaner made entirely from recycled materials

Thus, by 2030, the entire product range of the Electrolux group should contain at least 50% recycled materials.

For those who are not familiar, Stena Reciclyng collects electronic products from the end consumer and transforms them into materials for new products or energy recovery. The vacuum cleaner prototype made from 100% recycled and reused materials is an activation as part of the Electrolux Better Living program, a plan that aims to create a better and more sustainable way of life for consumers around the world. by 2030.

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