Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door are available for free

As promised, the Epic Games Store has renewed its offer and now offers Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door for a limited time. These are the free games for this week and will remain free until November 26th. However, if you enjoy their free play until the next 26th, the games are yours forever, just like you paid for them.

Elite Dangerous is a Space Flight Simulation Game developed and published by Frontier Developments. By piloting a spaceship, the player explores a realistic 1: 1 scale representation of the open world of the Milky Way, with open gameplay. The game is the first in the series to attempt massive multiplayer gameplay, with player actions affecting the narrative story of the game’s persistent universe, while retaining a single-player mode. Elite Dangerous is the fourth game in this Elite video game series.

Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door are now available for download

The World Next Door is an independent visual novel and puzzle-type game developed by US studio Rose City Games and published by Viz Media. It was released on Nintendo Switch and Windows on March 27 and 29, 2019, respectively. The game revolves around a human teenage girl who is trapped in a parallel universe, Emrys, and must escape before dying. The game received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its history, combat, and artistry, but criticized its short duration for limiting the potential for plot development and found its puzzles to be very short and easy. .

Both are already available for download, and if you want to take advantage of the promotion, just go here.

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