EMUI 11 could serve as a bridge between Android and HarmonyOS

It looks like EMUI 11 could be Huawei’s last Android interface before HarmonyOS arrives. At least, that’s what a statement from Weng Chenglu, head of software development at Huawei, implies.

As you may know, HarmonyOS should ultimately establish itself as a viable alternative to Android. The implementation of the company’s operating system should also start to appear as early as next year, since the company had already announced a first phase of the beta that would begin in January 2021.

And, more recently, the Shenzhen-based company revealed its operating system deployment schedule. It’s nothing new that the company’s latest highs, such as the Mate40 and Mate40 Pro, will be the first to migrate to HarmonyOS. However, yesterday, October 28, 2020, the folks at MyDrivers site relayed some interesting statements from Weng Chenglu, Huawei’s software development manager.

Thus, it is said, the structure details the links between EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS. They confirm that the two operating systems share the same structure, mainly in terms of system performance and predictions.

“In short, EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS are reusing more and more basic technologies”, summarize the journalists of MyDrivers.

Weng Chenglu’s words suggest that EMUI 11 will be the last version of EMUI

Last September, Huawei confirmed that all smartphones with EMUI 11 will be compatible with HarmonyOS. In this sense, Weng Chenglu clarified that HarmonyOS would be available for download for all owners of devices with EMUI 11 in October 2021. It is therefore not totally unreasonable to think that EMUI 11 could be the last version of EMUI, before a definitive transition to HarmonyOS.

Thanks to the similarities the two operating systems share, Huawei could easily migrate to HarmonyOS if there are further complications with Google, especially if the United States continues to target the company with new trade sanctions.

However, you won’t have to wait long to find out what will be done. But the truth is that even Huawei CEO Richard Yu has confirmed that a smartphone with HarmonyOS will launch in 2021. However, it should be remembered that the company is investing a lot in AppGallery and that doesn’t make sense. only if they continue to use it. Android … but let’s wait and see.

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