Epic Games reveals news of Fortnite’s next update

Fortnite is Epic Games’ golden goose, and as such, the company is putting the game front and center and working on its updates consistently. Whether it’s fixing bugs, making improvements or new features, Epic is always very active.

This season 4, starting with Chapter 2, is drawing to a close, and some fans are already waiting for what the end-of-season film event might have in store, as well as what Season 5 will have to offer. And despite all the speculation, Epic Games continues to work to keep the current season running smoothly, releasing new challenges, new cosmetic items, and other superpowers for players to use.

In addition, they have also eliminated the problems associated with their regular updates. And with patch 14.30 set to be released for Fortnite, the developers have a few fixes for all of their modes as well. As such, a number of issues were marked today (October 10) as “fixed in the next game update” on your Trello public forum, with a few annoying Battle Royale issues reported as resolved ( finally).

Some of these issues include stopping movement by placing a marker, shuffling inventory after Rampage’s rebirth, and playing licensed audio in the Last Forever emote.
Additionally, mobile gamers who were frustrated with the XP bar not indicating the correct level will also have their issues resolved.

But here’s what will be fixed with the Fortnite update 14.30

Placing a map marker cancels Rework’s Inventory move after rebirth at Rogue Fair Last Forever.

Bugs currently set to be fixed in v14.30

STW bugs may not be fixed in the v14.30 update.

– FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 (@iFireMonkey) October 9, 2020

As for Save the World, there are two issues marked as fixed in “Future Game Update,” including the poor animation that prevents “Sword of the Daywalker” and Xbox Home-Share players from accessing this mode.

However, as iFireMonkey reveals, and we can see above, there is no guarantee that they will ship with the 14.30 update and can arrive later. We will have to wait and see.

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