Everything we know about the future legend of Apex Legends

The latest Respawn teasers seem to confirm Horizon’s arrival in Apex Legends season 7, as a new legend. Now, the time has come to take a first look at what it will bring to the famous Battle Royale.

On October 13, players were received by Horizon, who offered them a series of challenges. Once the challenges were over, Horizon revealed his name and the fact that he was planning to enter the game. But so far his arrival has not been officially confirmed, not even his skills, but the dataminers have already a vague idea of ​​what Respawn is up to.

The first details came from Shrugtal, who revealed that the following features will be arriving with the new Legend:

Passive Ability: Soft Landing – allows you to avoid stun and gain some kind of bonus when landing Tactical Ability: Repulsor / Gravitational Rise – move / elevate players near the point of contact (that is – (i.e. gravitational rise) Ultimate Ability: Black Hole – sucks the enemies to some kind of black hole which takes damage

Horizon stat trackers are now stored by the game, these are the three legend-specific “Rare” trackers that you can put on your banner.

* Hard landings avoided
* Severity of teammates lifted
* Damage caused by the black hole

– Shrugtal (@shrugtal) October 14, 2020

Is Horizon really the new legend of Apex Legends?

The truth is, players have had the chance to see Gravity Lift in action before, it was part of Horizon’s challenges, so it’s no surprise that this is one of their skills. But beyond your capabilities, who is Horizon really? It is now a mystery. All that is known about Dr Mary Somers so far is that she is Scottish, red-haired, and has a drone called Newt.

This is where the information provided by Biast12, another dataminer who discovered various animations for the drone comes in.

Name: prop_trophy_blackhole_finisher_0

– Biast12 (Tobias) (@ Biast12) August 22, 2020

So far, Horizon’s backstory and the reasons it joined the game have yet to be revealed. If Horizon is indeed the next legend, Respawn should share more information on it soon.

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