Facebook Dating officially reaches the Portuguese market

On September 6, 2019, we unveiled the debut of Facebook Dating, a new Tinder-style service from social media giant Facebook. Now this same service has reached the European market, including Portugal.

This is a new way to search for a meaningful relationship, based on a series of common interests, for example, Facebook events and groups. Since the launch of this platform, initially available in around 20 countries only, Facebook has identified more than a billion and a half matches, i.e. successful connections.

“Encontros do Facebook” is an independent experiment, but it works within Facebook, and it is possible to create a profile on “Encontros do Facebook” in a few steps. This new social media feature is designed to make it easier: anyone who is registered is able to quickly demonstrate who they are and present an authentic view of themselves.

Here are the main features of Facebook Dating

Stories: “Facebook Encounters” allows you to share your Facebook and Instagram stories. By showing authentic moments from everyday life, you are supposed to make a meaningful connection with someone interested in the same things. If you choose to share the stories on the “Encontros” profile, you are demonstrating, rather than telling, who you are, even before making a match.

‘Secret Passions’: The ‘Secret Passions’ feature – Secret Crush in English – allows you to explore possible relationships with people we already know on Facebook and Instagram. Generally, “Encontros do Facebook” will not match Facebook Friends and Instagram Followers, but up to nine Friends / Followers can be selected as “Secret Passions”. If some of these people also select you as “Secret Passion”, a match will automatically take place. However, if the person identified as ‘Secret Passion’ is not even registered on ‘Facebook Encounters’, they will never know that they have been selected.

Events and Groups: Through Events and Groups it is possible to meet other people with similar interests, just enable the option to add events and groups to “Facebook Meetings”. For example, if someone goes to a concert or belongs to a group of dog owners, you can see who the other people who go to that event are and belong to that group, as long as they are signed up to “Facebook Encounters ”.

Virtual Meetings: For those who just match someone and want to chat by video call, Facebook allows you to start a video call right away by clicking the video icon in the message box. When you start the video call, an invitation is sent and as soon as it is accepted the connection starts and the name and profile picture in “Encontros” are visible.

Finding a loving business is deeply personal, which is why Facebook created this new product with a focus on security, protection and privacy. Facebook has worked with experts in these areas to provide direct access to security tips and create a secure environment, including the ability to block and report anyone, or prohibit anyone from uploading photos, videos, links or even payment methods. Activity on “Facebook Dating” that a person likes or dislikes will not be shared with anyone outside of “Facebook Dating”. Facebook will not suggest Facebook and Instagram friends as potential calls or notify anyone on the platform.

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