Facebook Messenger now has a new icon and new features

Like all applications of the Facebook group, Facebook Messenger is systematically evolving with new features and general improvements. The latest updates come with a new icon and new features.

For starters, and it stands out right away, is the fact that his icon said goodbye to the color blue, in favor of a more colorful color, with a mixture of blue, purple, orange, red, pink and white. . I’d say this icon was a bit more similar to what’s available on Instagram, and that could mean it’s another step for the company to merge the two apps.

“Our new logo reflects a change in the future of Messenger, a more dynamic, fun and integrated way to stay in touch with those close to you,” Facebook says.

Facebook Messenger has a new icon

However, the update is also an opportunity to get new themes and personalized reactions. Later, there will be selfie stickers, and a disappearance mode to make chats … disappear. Facebook says it wants Messenger users to have fun with their conversations. This is why several new features are added over time.

But one feature that seems particularly interesting, Watch Together. This function allows you to watch the same content with multiple users, without being physically close. Facebook launched this service due to the health crisis and containment.

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