Flama launches its new range of toasters

The approach of cold days calls for comfortable family meals. So that you can comfort your body and soul with the pleasure of hot bread, Flama has strengthened its toaster range with three new models: 962FL, 966FL and 969FL.

The highlight of the newer toasters is the extra wide slots that allow you to toast or toast any type of bread, even the bulkiest. A toast on country bread for a rich and energetic breakfast or a crisp toast, filled with your favorite ingredients, for a quick and light lunch, are some of the dishes that you can prepare quickly and easily.

Flame 966FL

The 962FL model has 2 wide slits, the 966FL with 1 long and wide slit and the 969FL, ideal for large families, with 2 long and wide slits. Simply choose the toaster that best meets your kitchen needs.

The stainless steel design guarantees a current, elegant and discreet look. The backlit buttons in blue give a technological touch, ideal for modern kitchens or to contrast with more rustic ones.

Flame 962FL

Flama launches 3 new toasters

With a power ranging from 850W to 1400W and an adjustable thermostat with 6 positions, you can customize the results to your taste, with precision. From wheat bread, carob, wholemeal flour or bread, there are many options to taste.

At the end of use, ensure an impeccable and always clean kitchen with the crumb catcher. Also save energy with the toaster system that turns off automatically.

Flame 969FL

Avoid food waste with the defrost and reheat functions that allow you to maintain the authentic taste of bread over time.

Discover the new Flama toasters for irresistible and crispy bread!

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