Fortnite Halloween event details revealed

Tradition is still what it was, and since its launch Epic Games have used Fortnite to celebrate Halloween with their Fortnitemares event, which for those who don’t understand English is a fusion of Fortnite and Nightmare (nightmare).

This year’s event is a great opportunity for Epic Games to make new items available to players, such as exclusive skins. However, this event should also mean the return of a character who has already become iconic in the game, Midas. And the character who “disappeared” at the end of the second season of this chapter 2, should be back … in zombie form.

Newly revealed information showed a zombified hand and a new version of Midas. As a reminder, the character plays a major role in the overall Battle Royale storyline. Midas is rumored to return as an NPC along with his ghost minions. The walking dead which will add some halloween gameplay elements, which should delight players. Above all, we can enjoy new ways, new challenges and new rewards.

Fortnitemares should bring back Midas

However, we remain on parole, as these rumors are never certain, especially since the start date of “Fortnitemares” remains unknown at this time. Based on previous years, it should start a few days before Halloween, which is celebrated in late October.

We’ll definitely have more news over the next few days, so stay tuned.

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