Fortnite won’t return to Apple devices as quickly as wanted

As many of you may know, or have heard, Apple and Epic Games have their backs turned and in the middle of a legal battle over Fortnite. Epic has filed a preliminary injunction against Apple’s removal of the app from the App Store, but Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers appears to have dismissed that request.

And that means if you were expecting to have Fortnite back on the App Store, at best, you’ll have to wait until 2021 … at best. Indeed, the test date is set for May 2021 and, assuming things don’t drag on, 2021 is the first time we can see Fortnite on the App Store again, if that’s the case.

Fortnite on Apple devices maybe only in 2021

However, it’s possible that Apple and Epic will have some sort of deal done by then, but that remains to be seen. Epic’s lawsuit against Apple has opened a pandora’s box, where regulators are now starting to take a closer look at Apple’s practices to determine if there are any violations of antitrust laws. And whether or not you win in court, Epic is right about one thing: iPhone and iPad users have no other way to install apps on their devices, and if ever Apple decides to charge 50% fee on revenue, you can do that, because that’s the only way to install apps … which isn’t fair, especially for customers who pay hundreds of dollars for material limited to one store.

Epic also managed to bring together several programmers on its own, which resulted in the formation of the Coalition of App Fairness. This means that even if Apple and Epic somehow manage to resolve their dispute, this incident may be the catalyst that can lead to further lawsuits from other developers unhappy with the company’s tactics. Apple App Store.


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