Free unlimited storage has its days in Google Photos

Google Photos is well known to smartphone users because it is basically a photo and video gallery, with some cool features. The most interesting of these features is undoubtedly its ability to offer “high quality” photo backups with no storage limit.

This means that users will be able to upload almost unlimited photos to their Google Account without having to compromise their storage limit. However, the search giant is preparing to put an end to this, and from June 1, 2021, photo backup will use up your Google account’s 15 GB, and if you want more storage space, you will have to pay for it. a subscription to Google One.

The good news is that not all content that has been backed up until June 1, 2021 will count towards this limit, only anything uploaded from that date will start counting towards the storage limit.

Google Photos will end unlimited free storage

We’ll have to see what users react to, as unlimited storage for high-quality photos is probably Google’s main argument for people to use Google Photos. In closing, we don’t know if users prefer to continue or move on to other galleries.

However, if you have a Google phone, a Google Pixel, then this is not a question for you, because for you everything will continue as here, as the search giant will continue to offer unlimited free storage.

And for those unfamiliar with Google One, it’s a plan that provides extensive storage, helps users get the most out of Google, and is now available in Portugal.

Currently it costs € 1.99 per month and offers 100 GB of storage, € 2.99 per month for 200 GB and 2 TB costs € 9.99 per month.


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