Garmin has a new wrist computer for those who love diving

Garmin launched the Descent Mk2 / Mk2i dive computers and the Descent T1 pressure transmitter, the next generation of diving products to make every dive an unparalleled experience. Reliability, functionality and connectivity are some of the strengths of these new devices which include GPS, specialized dive functions and dive applications and measurements to help divers on all their underwater expeditions. These dive computers are also ready to live out of the water with multisport profiles, activity tracker, topographic maps, smart features and more.

According to Salvador Alcover, Managing Director of Garmin Iberia: “The new SubWave differential probe technology and specialized diving functions of the new Descent are designed to facilitate underwater adventures so that diving enthusiasts and professionals alike can experience the experience with a maximum In addition, other features such as wellness monitoring, sports apps and smart tools for everyday life make the Descent Mk2 series a complete and adaptable range both in and out of the world. ‘water.

Garmin technology applied to diving

One of the highlights of the series comes from the Descent Mk2i model. This watch, using SubWave technology, can simultaneously monitor air cylinder pressure in up to five tanks when combined with the Descent T1 transmitter. This synchronization allows divers to see cylinder pressure, remaining air time and air consumption rate, as well as monitoring additional divers’ cylinders within a 10 meter radius, making it the solution. ideal for professionals and diving instructors. . Garmin SubWave’s revolutionary new communication system, based on sensor technology, offers greater range and reliability compared to traditional wireless data integration systems.

The Mk2 / Mk2i descent will make you feel like a fish in the water

True sea lovers are in luck with the new Garmin Dive app which logs dives, provides detailed analysis and a map of entry and exit points for each dive, depth and time spent on the activity. Divers can store and review up to 200 dives on their watch and share them through the Garmin Dive app, where they can store an unlimited number of dives. With this application, the most curious divers will also be able to take advantage of the exploration function which allows them to discover several dive sites around the world.

With a robust and elegant design, the Descent Mk2 / Mk2i features a renewed 1.4 “transflective color display, 36% larger than the previous model, and incorporates button control for more inductive use and operation. It also has 11 ATM waterproof, guaranteeing maximum robustness, the two devices integrate six diving modes of one and several gases (nitrox, trimix and 100% O2), GNSS compatibility, depth gauge, apnea, three-axis compass with no not lose course underwater, metric temperature, closed-loop rebreather, ascent and descent rates, and decompression stop information.For some snorkeling and acclimatization activities, the watch has ” an advanced pulse oximeter to measure the absorption of The new descent can also be connected to an inReach satellite communicator outdoors in the event of an emergency, allowing the user to enjoy complete peace of mind while me a.In addition, the inReach Mini now has a case to prove it. water to protect you from water up to 100 meters (sold separately).

With the Descent Mk2, the adventure does not end underwater

In addition to diving tools, the Descent Mk2 collection possesses the versatility that is so evident in Garmin products, making it suitable for any activity and environment. Give the hours; practice sports using multiple activity profiles and advanced training settings; monitor heart rate; measure the amount of oxygen in the blood; or controlling the hours of sleep and breathing, are just some of the features that make Descent ™ a complete and functional device in any environment. Thanks to its adaptability, snow enthusiasts can also consult the topographic maps of more than 2000 ski resorts around the world and take advantage of applications dedicated to skiing, snowboarding or mountain skiing. And for better integration into users’ routines, the range allows them to receive smart notifications, check calendar alerts, store and play music, and pay in a contactless system using Garmin Pay functionality. .

All this range of functions is supported by a powerful battery. The new Descent Mk2 / Mk2i has a battery life of up to 16 days in smartwatch mode and up to 80 hours in dive mode. In addition, the Descent Mk2i has a battery life of up to 32 hours when combined with the Descent T1 device. On the other hand, the T1 transmitter has an autonomy of up to 110 hours of diving with a replaceable CR123 battery.

The new Descent Mk2 / Mk2i and Descent T1 range, with specialized diving functions and smart tools, is positioned as an ideal package to make life easier for divers in and out of the water.

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