Google Chrome 87 is available for all platforms

Yesterday, the giants of browsers were told to update their applications. After Firefox, Google also updated Chrome, which now reaches version 87, with some new features. In addition, the search giant promises significant improvements in its performance.

Google claims to have prioritized active tabs on this Chrome 87, which reduces CPU usage by over 5%. The group also guarantees that when used in laptops, they will notice that their batteries will last much longer, since several optimizations have been made with the particular intention of drastically reducing power consumption.

Still in terms of performance, Google claims that your browser starts 25% faster, compared to the previous version, in addition to having a 7% gain in page loading. And best of all: it can do all of this using less power and less RAM.

Chrome 87 also makes changes to the management of tabs. The browser adds an option that allows you to search for a tab among those that are open. It works even if the tab is open in another window. It is first available on Chromebooks, but it will soon reach all other platforms.

Google Chrome 87 is now available for download

Another novelty concerns the URL bar. It becomes possible to enter commands to perform certain actions. For example, if you type the command “delete history”, it will delete the browsing history. Google specifies that this novelty has arrived with this new version, but is being implemented in stages.

Finally, Chrome adds a card system on the new tab page. This groups together the sites you have visited by topic and which might interest you in the future. For example, Google displays culinary recipe sites or sports newspapers.

Chrome 87 is now available for download at But as always, the update can be obtained on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is also available for iOS and Android. On Android, for example, the loading of pages when returning to the previous page becomes almost immediate.

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