Google confirms pom poms with storage in Google Photos over

A few days ago, we revealed here that Google announced that as of June 1, 2021, users who enjoy free unlimited storage on Google Photos, saving their photos in “high quality”, will no longer have access to this great privilege.

However, this is a privilege that will be maintained by owners of Google Pixel series equipment. This means that if you own one of the phones made by the search giant, nothing will change for you, and you will continue to have unlimited and free storage, as long as you do so with the “high quality” option.

And when I used the expression privilege, it was really useful, because Google’s next piece of equipment will no longer have access to it. In other words, when Google announces your next phone, it will no longer arrive with unlimited free storage on Google Photos and the backups will count to your Google account. For the vast majority of users, the Google Account has 15 GB, but this amount of storage can be increased by subscribing to a Google One package.

The new Google Pixel will not have access to free unlimited storage on Google Photos

Until June 1, 2021, everything will remain as it is until now, all users have continued with unlimited free storage in “high quality”, and from that day all photos will count in the storage space of their Google accounts. What has been saved and is already in Google Photos will not be counted, so you can continue to use the app as normal.

As such, it is better to take advantage of it till this day, because from then on it will start to reduce the 15 GB of Google account, which still gives several thousand photos.


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